Practical knowledge becomes indispensable to understand the theory better. Our college boasts of well- equipped & sophisticated lab facilities with State of the art infrastructure and equipment to explore & train the students in all aspects of practical knowledge.


Dispensing and General Pharmacy
The lab provides the knowledge of packing a formulation and method of distributing the drugs. This laboratory acquaints the students with the usages and maintenance of containers and preparation of variety dosage forms.

Cosmetic Technology
The lab trains the students in the preparation and dispensing of variety of medicated and non-medicated cosmetics Viz creams, Lotions, shampoos and toilet soaps.

Pharmaceutical Engineering
This lab provides the knowledge of handling the machinery and principles of designing the equipment such as sieves, ball mills, filter aids, distillatory etc., and properties of materials such as copper, iron, silver, bronze etc.

Hospital Pharmacy
This lab trains the students in various methods of sterilization, preparation of transfusion fluids and evaluation of surgical dressings etc.

Physical Pharmacy
This lab provides the knowledge of physical properties like viscosity, rheology, consistency and miscible properties etc.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry
This lab trains the students in the assessment of purity, and synthesis of organic compounds and qualitative analysis of unknown compounds.

Pharmaceutical inorganic chemistry
This lab provides the knowledge of assaying the inorganic compounds and standard limit tests for key components and preparation of various inorganic compounds.

Pharmaceutical Analysis
This lab trains the students in qualitative and quantitative analysis of the various compounds, standardizing the values for quality control, and analyzing the multi-component products with modern techniques like chromatography, spectro-photometry and NMR etc.

Pharmaceutical Biochemistry
The lab acquaints the students with the detection of bio-molecules such as carbohydrates, lipids, proteins etc., and estimation of trace constituents in biological fluids in disease status.

Pharmaceutical Microbiology

The students are exposed to the study of structure, culture conditions, pathogenic characteristics, anti-microbial activity, and metabolic pathways by assessing the metabolite byproducts.


The students are trained to analyze the tissue responses and effects of various drugs. They are also trained how drugs metabolizes in human body, they were given elaborate exposure on various drugs and their mode of action. Students were also educated in clinical trials with different phases. The main objective of pharmacology is how drugs act and its adverse reactions.


This lab acquaints the students with the histological studies & identification of crude drugs by chemical tests, and various parts of plants that constitute the active ingredients.

Human Physiology

This lab acquaints the students with various systems of the human body, histology of human tissues, hematology and other physiological parameters and their normal values and their correlations with disease status.


Books are elixirs to mind. One of the best places in our campus that we can boast of is our Library. We have an excellent and extensive library with 5511 textbooks of over 700 titles and around 25 national & international scientific journals & magazines relating to pharmaceutical sciences and related areas to quench the thirst of a knowledge seeker. It is supplemented with a computer room where numerous terminals are available round the clock with high-speed Internet connection for keeping the students and faculty abreast of the latest developments in pharmaceutical sciences.

Seminar Hall

The institute has well-furnished seminar hall, equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual equipment like Slide Projectors, Over Head projectors & public address systems with Cordless Microphones.
Regular guest lectures by eminent personalities & workshops on Personality development and Communication skills are organized for the overall development of our students & faculty. Our students are also encouraged to participate in seminars, debates, elocution, and quiz competitions etc., to bring forth their creative talents.

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra curricular activities are an inalienable part of the curriculum.
In an endeavor to develop creative talents, we organize seminars, debates, elocution, quizzing, singing, dancing & anthyakshari etc. under the aegis of the college’s cultural committee.
A sharp mind resides in a healthy body. A well-established playground inside the campus helps build up the physical fitness and imparts competitive and cooperative spirit among the students. After a striving daily schedule, students recharge with sports under the guidance of college’s sports committee. Students are encouraged to actively participate in outdoor games like cricket, shuttle & volleyball, and indoor games such as chess, caroms & table tennis, to unleash their latent talent and bring out the champions to the fore. The sweetness of sweat lingers on in the minds of our students.